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Full Version: How Can You Tell A Link Farm From A "normal" Site?
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Ben N
Hi All,
This has probably already been asked but I'll try again.
Is there a tell tale way to know if a site is a link farm, or associated with a link farm?
When you start getting link swap requests from a bunch of sites, how can you tell if it is a link farm, or if they are associated with a link farm?
Too bad they just don't have a sign that says "LINK FARM HERE"! HA HA HA, LOL...
Thanks for your help everyone!,
Ben N

Hi Ben -

I don't know that there's a tell-tale way to know if a site is a link farm or not.... as far as I know there is not any kind of database of link-farm sites to check against.

Looking up some information online, it looks like the main thing you'll want to keep in mind is whether or not the site you are considering linking to has any content that is relative to your site. If they will find useful and relevant information there, then I would say to go ahead with it. If the site has nothing to do with the content of your site then it may be considered link farming.

I found this information here.

Hope this helps!

Ben N
Thanks Brad!
Enjoy your day,
Ben N
"Link farm" is usually used to describe a site that links indiscriminately to any and all sites regardless of how relevant they might be. A site that sells jewelry but that links to casino, insurance, viagra (etc.) sites would be a link farm.

I have also seen the phrase used to describe sites that use the same link pages for multiple sites. If you are ever told that you can add your site to 8 other sites by filling out a single form, watch out!

Brad has the answer, but perhaps I can add a practical application idea.

If you goto the site in question, it has content related to your site and it's google PR is greater than 3, I'd think that is a decent acid test. Unfortunately, site quality can always you have to stay on top of it.

However, I think it's more likely the PR will go down before they change models from content provider to link farm. So when reviewing, PR would be a quick way to check IMHO.

If I'm all wet on this, somebody please let me know.

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