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Full Version: Updating Site Takes Too Long!
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Our site takes too long to update! Need advice!

We sell a fully functioning computer that allows the user to display their favorite football team's helmet right over the computer case. To best showcase the computer we have custom pages for each helmet that list the computer specs and allow the user to see their helmet over the computer with a front, back and 3/4 view. These pages link to a variant matrix page where they can customize the computer and then buy it.

However, because the specs pages are all monstersmile.gif custom pages, to make updates to them requires editing the code from our end and copying and pasting into that custom monstersmile.gif page or editing each individual page from monstersmile.gif. A rather tedious process especially if it's just to change one line in our specs.

We currently have 2 product main lines and I have to go back and make some small changes to the first one but that means making the same changes to almost 100 pages individually (NFL, College and Arena league).

Any ideas or suggestions on how we can make faster updates to the site? If only monstersmile.gif let us upload custom pages or use include statements, then my life would be much easier. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

Helmet PC
Yeah, it's kind of a shame that you are hosting your cart with an ASP based solution and you can't use your own ASP. To make your life much easier (since most of your content is redundant), I would suggest contacting MC's custom programmers to design that functionality into your site. The benefit will far outweigh the cost.

My 2 cents .. online2long.gif
What about using a javascript random quote generator. If you insert only one quote then you can make 1 change to a .js file and that would be reflected on all of the sites.

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