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Full Version: Order Confirmation E-mail
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I think I found a way for the order confirmation e-mail to say what I need it to say. Does anybody know of a way to send a test e-mail without actually placing an order?
I don't think you can.

I've probably placed hundreds of test orders to check out different features and to make sure things are going smoothly. Every time we don't receive a new order for a certain amount of time, we do test orders just to make sure everything's okay.

If you use a payment gateway, like Authorizenet or linkpoint, I think you can change to a test mode. That way, MC cart and your gateway think it's a real order. Just shop, checkout, and enter your own email and you should receive the order confirmation. Is that what you meant?
Thanx johnj. That was exactly what I needed.
Awesome! thumbsup.gif
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