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I cannot seem to figure out how the HTML SEO catalog works. I upgraded my store in order to create the catalog, and nothing happened. The link to the catalog simply returns me to my home page, albeit, in another browser window.

Also, the top and bottom banners are not pulling the images from the proper folders when previewing in the admin panel. They are blank.

Am I missing something?? There is very little documentation about how this works.

brain - MC Tech Lead

You'll need put the code given at sign up for the catalog in your bottom of page editor. The catalog will update every 30 days unless you upgrade. Images don't normally appear in the editor because of the way the software is designed.

I have not tried loading images from other directories, but from the root directory (and from any of them I would imagine) it should work just fine. <img src="/images/image-name.jpg" width="100" height="100" border="0" alt="info here">

When you preview it, you should be able to see the images. You can edit and change the pages, then preview them... but as brain said, they only update once per month unless you pay for more frequent updates. When I checked the domain in your sig though, as of 9:00 est, the SEO catalog pages were not there. I didn't check the whois record, but is your site even on monstersmile.gif Commerce yet? It looked like a lot of custom HTML and no shopping cart yet. Of corse the big hint was the 404 page errors I got on the SEO catalog, which MC would have intercepted. Though maybe I have the wrong URL, but I think you are in the backend by IP address and that would be your real problem here... you got to move your domain to their Name Servers.


Are you saying that you went to my website and couldn't view it?

You also said something about moving my domain name to MC. Well, MC did not provide me with me domain name, however the server does resolve to MC.

I'll post the domain here again, just in case you see this message. Let me know if you see it okay.

I already have to proper linkage in the bottom portion of my homepage. When I click on this link, another window opens, and then directs me to my front page.

Also, when I preview, there are "test products." I'm not sure if this is normal or not.

I feel like there is a problem with the stucture my directory or something. But, I didn't set up the directory; I left it as it was done with the custom site creation.

Well, this domain is on MC, but the SEO pages, as you said, do not work. If you are sure you logged in and upgraded to the free once a month SEO page generation, then open a support ticket or call monstersmile.gif, as they clearly did not generate yet.
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