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Full Version: Products Sizes And Colors?
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I am selling a product which can come in several colors, and sizes.

I'd like my customers to, when viewing a product, have two drop down boxes (near 'Your Price' and 'Qty') which allows a customer to select which color they want, and which size.

Any suggestions? Is this possible?
Hello -
This can be done by adding variants to your product. If you have many products that have the same sizes and colors, the easiest way to do this would be to enter variants in Inventory > Variant Matrix Editor. Your Group Name would be 'Sizes' or Colors. Then pull up your products in Inventory > Product Editor > click on the Variants tab > click on insert group from template and insert your variants that you created. If certain colors or sizes do not apply, simply hide them!

Hope this helps!

Wow, thank you!

It's a bit overwhelming when you first begin to work with monstersmile.gif.

The system is absolutely amazing though!
I have a question regarding the variants...I have done what you said already, but would like to have the variants change the image at each drop down color change. So the customer can view the color they selected. Is this possible?


I attempted to do the same thing (change images when color variant was selected - ala LL Bean). I was told that this requires Custom Programming. This is true if you stick to the MonsterCommerce template. However, if you elect to use html pages, and call your product pages from them, you can do whatever you wish. (Preload and switch image is a java script call.)

I did not, and still do not have time for html pages so I elected to make a separate page for each color (which probably breaks every rule of how many clicks a customer must make to select a product.) However, no customers have complained, our business has increased dramatically and this had really helped with the search engines. But, we sell shoes and the leather colors vary a lot more than T-Shirts.... Dunno if this would be a bad thing for you or a good thing.

Would really suggest that you go with the current template to get up and running. Would also suggest that you put all the variants in one variant matrix and simply show all colors in the photo on the product page. (Ie: One selection only.)
Yes, the MonsterCommerce template is limited at this point. But I must tell you that it really, really works. (I struggled with this too.)

If you are the person who called me about OrderMotion, please PM me if I can be of further assistance!

Best of luck & hope this helps.

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