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Full Version: Delete All Products And Categories
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What is easiest/quickest way to delete all current items and categories using Dataport??
Hmm, not sure if there is an easy way to do it yourself. I did it once early on when I had made some major screw ups before I knew what I was doing. (The client mixing a bunch of data up didn't help either. wacko.gif ) Anyrate, I contacted Tech Support and they waved their magic wand on their end and wiped it all out for me to start with a blank slate. If you need to get rid of it all, that might be your best bet.

I"m not even using dataport to delete any items for my main client yet. The one time I tried to do it, it seemed overly complicated from the good old days. I guess they plan to make it easier.... or have already, who knows. Actually, he sometimes gets items back in stock later, so I'm just as well to hide and set qty to 0 anyway.
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