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Full Version: Re-direct To Another Ip
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We have a need to enrich our site by incorporating a photo album, and product rating, utilizing PHP, MYSQL. I understand that on our monstersmile.gif site we are pretty much locked into the format and services which you provide.

Don't get me wrong, we are not complaining, as I love and could not live without these monstersmile.gif services.

In order to make our site richer, we do need to incorporate other tools and would like to have links/IP which point to a site that will provide this specific capability.

Is it possible to set up a link or an IP to re-direct to another site to provide this capability?

Example: Our site is Would it be possible for us to redirect say to another site/IP??

Please advise.

Steve Tsumas
That is, technically, possible. You need to check with your domain name host to see if they provide this type of folder redirection service. If your domain name host is MC, then I guess they will answer this post for you.

Check out my site. Toward the bottom of the left side of the screen I have a search box where you can enter your ZIP code and find a provider near you. The search results box that is displayed (and the ASP/Access db) is hosted on my domain, even though my MC site is
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