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Full Version: One Time Use Discount
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As an incentive to new customers, i want to offer a %age off their first purchase. I figured out how to do storewide discounts, but I only want them to be able to use it once, sort of as a loss leader for me to get new business.

Any ideas?

Go To Inventory and then Discount Code Editor. You can Enter Discount code, Code Name, which catagories you would allow discount on, the discount amount, choose whether or not it can be enterd and then wether or not you want it to be a cookie. HTH!
I believe this is something monstersmile.gif is working on, but haven't implemented yet.
I know there are many others including myself wanting to use a one-time discount code.
If you are in need of it faster, I am sure the monstersmile.gif Custom Development Team could get it running for you quickly.
I believe there is a listing somewhere of what monstersmile.gif is improving for the next version release, you may want to check that out to see if they are working on options that you need.
I am sure someone will post the link soon.
Yeah, my way will let customers use the code over and over again.
QUOTE (bryanag135 @ Jul 1 2004, 03:38 PM)
Yeah, my way will let customers use the code over and over again.

In the meantime, you could just tell customers it's a one time thing and most won't know the difference. Advertise when it will expire and then change it frequently.
Thank you for your responses. I wanted it to auto generate a discount code when they register as a new customer. I used to use OSCommerce, and it did that.
Guess I'll have to use PK's method of frequent expirations...?
How are you planning on determining a first time buyer? there is no easy way to do this?
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