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Full Version: Creating Custom Navigation...
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Ok, I am admittedly a newbie to MC. I am trying to create a custom LEFT NAVIGATION BAR via the editor... I can get images and stuff to show up... but when I attempt to add DRAW commands... such as those found here:

Nothing works. I am using the <% ADD_DRAW_COMMAND_HERE %> in the html but nothing shows up.

I must have MFG Search and Top Products on that Left Side... how else can this be done?
Do you have it set to read

Custom Only


Default only?
I have tried all options.

Use Custom is what I am trying to make it show up on but nothing comes up.... here is the exact html that I am using...

<center><img src="images/weaccept.gif"></center>

Is that correct?
I am referring to in the navagation in your admin panel. There is a drop down where you enter the html at.

what do you have this set to? Should say custom only.
Here is where I am:

user posted image

Does that look right?
Weird. I use custom only in my left navigation editor and I tried the DRAWMFGSEARCH function call and it worked just fine for me. There must be something on your end inhibiting it's display. Sorry that I'm not knowledgeable enough to help on this one. This is probably obvious, but I'm sure you've added manufacturers? Have you tried contacting tech support?
I have not tried contacting support yet. I figured I was doing something stupid.

Our store is not live yet but here's the IP info - see if the MFG Search box is coming up on your end.

No, I don't see it. I've never had a problem with monstersmile.gif's tech support. They've always been very helpful.
Tech support answered my question. All Custom Calls must be made from within a TABLE. Not sure why but when I enclosed the Call within a TABLE it worked like a champ.
Well, I knew the function calls are supposed to be in a table but, for some reason, I haven't needed to do that in my left navigation bar and I kinda sorta forgot about that. Glad tech support was able to help you out!
I totally was not aware of the table requirement .. seems odd since (I think) most of the functions include a table .. huh.gif .. however, I did verify the table requirement on my site ..
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