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Full Version: Shipping Several Do I Mark For Costs?
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Let say I have a product that has two boxes and each ways 10 pounds. Do I just list the product as weighing 20 pounds or is there a way I can add two boxes? Are these shipping quotes that monstersmile.gif gives very accurate, haven't had first hand experience with it yet...
Can someone help me out wit the above post? happy.gif
I have found that the UPS calculations by the shopping cart are pretty accurate, usually to the penny. Of course this assumes that the weight that you enter for the product is accurate and the package is a standard size.

However there are two problems that I have seen with the estimates.

1. If the package is oversized, the UPS rate goes up. The cart will figure the rate as if the package is standard size. So for these kind of products, I pad the weight to make it come out as close as possible for the zones the furthest from me. Some may get charged more than the actual shipping but I can always adjust before charging them.

While I can compensate by adjusting weights for my larger products that I know are oversized for UPS Ground service, it is much harder to deal with the 2 Day or 3 day UPS oversize issue. I don't know the exact dimensions of what is considered oversized with these expedited services, but it is smaller than the ground service so we hit it more than we like. I don't have a solution to this problem other than I have set up a shipping rule to not offer anything except UPS ground if the weight goes over 10 pounds. And if the difference between what is calculated and what it actually costs for 3 Day UPS is huge, I ship the order by USPS Priority Mail...which is closer to standard 3 Day UPS rates and has a much wider range of box sizes it accepts and will usually arrive about the same time if not sooner then the 3 Day UPS service.

2. If the product takes two boxes, you will have to pad the weight to account for this. Again it does not take into account how the product needs to be packaged.

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Great! Thanks...that helped a lot biggrin.gif
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