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Can anyone give me some insight/procedure on how to go about getting my own SSL key and installing it? Thanks in advance!

PS. What is the best company to go with? I see a lot of people here go with geotrust, do they give a discount to monstersmile.gif folks?
I don't know if this is a discount but I ran across this the other day and it seems to be what you are asking about. I am only using the shared monstersmile.gif SSL, now, but if you find any great deals I would love to know about them.

From their FAQ monstersmile.gif will offer guidance on were to instal the files.

Maybe some of the others have other companies.
But there is a lot of people with geotrust. Lot of luck.
Perfect! Thanks for the help. thumbsup.gif
They offer GeoTrust here and do discount it. I was told (apparently incorrectly) that they offer the $299 certificate for $150. They do offer one for $150, but it's the $179 one. (Renewals direct from GeoTrust are $150 I think, so hopefully they discount off that price too.)

For most people that is fine, no doubt. It was not really what I was looking for though, so I'm in the process of cancelling that and going with another company.

I see 3 main benefits from having your own certificate:

1) Keeping your visitors on your domain name as they checkout.
2) Having logo's and verbage that puts your customers at ease. "Secure" "128 Bit Encryption" "$xxx Gurantee or Warranty" etc. AND being able to click that logo, hopefully generated on the fly by the server with date etc. and getting verification of the company name etc.
3) Being offered by a company that people know and trust.

I emailed with a merchant on another shopping cart system who had used GeoTrust but switched recently to the company I will be signing up with in a few days. For him it was about cost and the warranty. He told me that they used to offer a warranty, but "they had no claims, so they dropped the insurance." If that is true, that seems silly to me. I would hope they had no claims, and it was probably easy money for the insurance company... but they lost that guys business and they don't have mine any more.

The company I will be signing up with in a few days offers a nice mouseover with a popup info box, more details if you click on it... oh, and a nicely stated $100,000 warranty on the basic certificate. Once I get mine setup and am familiar with the process of getting it installed I will be offering their SSL certificates from my main web marketing web site.
Get in touch with monstersmile.gif and purchase from them.
Way less headaches than doing it yourself!

We have done our own, used the shared one and recently switched to one Purchased via monstersmile.gif.

It was smooth and we never even realized it. It was done and over with before we knew it since they did all the work and installed it.

As for price I believe we paid the same as one we did ourselves a few years ago.
I agree it's easier, no doubt about it. (Though monstersmile.gif pretty much has to do most of the work either way as I understand it.) I guess what I failed to say is that I DID buy one from monstersmile.gif... It was not at all what I thought I was buying. Personally I would not go with anything less than the $299 certificate (which I thought I was buying) and I only wanted that if it was $150.

Even the base $150 QuickSSL certificate is fine. I just wanted one that actually verifies the information and provides a warranty. Since they got the info wrong on my clients site (put my city/state instead) clearly GeoTrust does not verify things. (Maybe they just used the info that MC gave them?) Even a $50 certificate is better than nothing, but I'm sure I will be happy with what I'm buying... once they generate the CSR so I can buy it.
The only problem with $179 one is that you don't get a geo trust logo for your site. Is this correct or is there another type of logo you can add?
I'm confused by their web site, but I did have the logo (and still would while I transition, but I took it off) like the $229 options. The seal is missing for the Quick SSL, but I believe that is what they had sold me.

You can view the options here at GeoTrust
Hey Guys-
The product that we offer for $150 is the GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium.

I recommend the GeoTrust product because it is 128 bit encryption, it is easy, and we do all the work for you.

As you look at SSL options, please keep the following in mind. There are four certificate authorities that are root authorities. There are hundreds of providers that are chained providers. From what i have heard, it is much better to go through root providers are they have gone through the official audit process rather than just renting their root from another company.

The four root providers are:
and Baltimore Technologies.

The main reason i recommend GeoTrust is the strength of our relationship with them. If anything happens and you need our help, with GeoTrust, we can help. With any of the other providers we have very little influence.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

(PS - I am actually out of the office this week with limited internet access, so it might take me a day or two to get back to the post if you do ask questions...thx)

OK, so they offer the normally priced $229 GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium for $150. That makes sense, as I guess the basic one does not have a seal? Seems odd, but I guess that extra money has to buy you something.

I just found this page and apparently there are other providers that own their own root. Checkout That site provides lots of great information...

All providers offer 128 bit encryption, at least all the credible ones. Using GeoTrust is probably your best bet, though I am still switching and hopefully not going to regret it.
That was a helpful site. Thanks
I think it is definitely worth it if it's the premium SSL, and I agree with Steph...If you have a problem with GeoTrust at least monstersmile.gif can help and it's probably more compatible. My two cents, at least... thumbsup.gif
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