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Full Version: Streamline Checkout
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Admittedly I'm a newbie, so please be gentle.

There has to be a way to improve the checkout screens and process. 5 screens/steps to "submit" is brutal and has to result in a huge walk-away rate from any website. Yet I see no easy way to combine screens/steps or eliminate steps in the checkout process.

Also I'd like to improve the look/feel of those screens, but again see no way to access them from the admin panel.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I believe this is in the works for a hopefully soon release.
Yes, this is a feature that is in the works! smile.gif It is currently under development and will first be made available to our VIP membership program, which you can find more information about here.

The current ETA for this feature is around 6 weeks.

The current ETA for this feature is around 6 weeks.

All right! Counting the days!
QUOTE (brad @ Jun 20 2004, 09:23 PM)
The current ETA for this feature is around 6 weeks.

I know you're in support not dev, but I have a few follow-up questions I hope you can answer or direct to the right person.

Does your 6wk ETA mean MC will be releasing beta code to VIP customers at that time or that post-beta code will be released to VIP customers then? In either case, when (ballpark) will the post-beta code be made available to non-VIP customers?

(In otherwords, does VIP membership sign me up to do your beta testing -and- how much of a time advantage would I gain over non-VIP membership?)

Thanks in advance.

Ed -

Actually, I would say the 6 week time frame is a long estimate. A feature in which checkout is customizable (where you can reduce steps down to 1 if you wish) should be ready for beta for our VIP clients in 4 weeks.

For release in core code... you are probably looking at October... so you are saving about 2 and a half months if you sign up for VIP.

Hope this answers your questions!
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