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Full Version: Left Navigation Bar
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How can I make the Left Navigation Bar completely disappear including the colored area? I can erase the writing but I cant figure out how to erase the colored area? Thanks in advance!
I do not think it is possible to get rid of the left nav, short of designing your own HTML page, and then using custom functions and remote scripting.

I could be mistaken ..
You actually CAN hide the entire left (or right) navigation bars.... just a couple of steps to do this....

1. Go to Site Layout > Left (or Right) Column Editor and set all of the selections to nothing (the horizontal line selection).
2. Go to Site Layout > Site Wide Colors Fonts & Sizes > Site Page Borders & Misc and set the table size for the corresponding side to 0.

No more nav bar! thumbsup.gif
Thanks! I'll try it!
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