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Full Version: Search Orders By All Discount Codes?
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Just wondering if it is possible to search orders for all discount codes? I tried using a * - like you would when searching for everything in windows (i.e. *.exe)

I couldn't find any documentation and I did a couple breif searches, so here I am asking wink.gif

I do not ever see the orders so going into each order to find out if a discount code was used is very tedious
Hello -

Currently the cart isn't able to search for ALL discount codes in your stored orders, but that's a great suggestion.

You could also sign up for the Dataport tool, which can export your orders into a .csv file. That file includes a column listing the discount code used on the order. You could open that file in Excel and sort the data by that column, which will place all of the orders w/ discount codes together at the top (or bottom) of the spreadsheet.

If you think this might help, you can find more info about Dataport here.
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