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Full Version: Adding A Popup
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I have had a few people write to me that have said I hit the buy button and can't checkout. I was hoping that you could do something like a pop-up window once an item is added to the cart. Something to the effect of "You have added so-and-so to you cart, Click View Cart to proceed to checkout or ok to browse/shop more. Thanks for any help. Zach from Funny T-Shirts Spiderman Punisher T-Shirts

I am actually about 90% done with some code that will allow you to do something similiar to this. It will display a popup if the person has something in their shopping cart and then either navigate away from your website or close their browser without checking out. Give me a couple more days and I will have the code with instructions.


We would love to see code when your done. We are searching for something like that for our site. would be great help if it works.

I am going to post it with instructions after I am finished.
Hello -

There is a built in option already available in the cart.... Site Info > Site Wide Settings > Site Rules > Store Messages Alert will turn on/off a popup window when an item is added to the cart.

Hope this helps!!
That's what I am trying to do. Can you modify the vb code for that anywhere to say something else? Zach From Funny Novelty T-Shirts Spiderman 2 T-Shirts
You can turn it on/off, but I'm sure you cannot modify what it says .. online2long.gif
Ok, when I said I was 90% finished, I never realized the last 10% was going to be the hardest.

This is what I have so far. I have a popup that will popup if the user has something in their cart.

I am having trouble coding the popup to occur when a person leaves the domain. I can easily have it popup when the person leaves the page. Also because some links in the shopping cart use Javascript then this is also giving me issues.

This was all discovered during the beta testing on my site. Any help would be appreciated.

QUOTE ( @ Jun 22 2004, 09:37 AM)
Ok, when I said I was 90% finished, I never realized the last 10% was going to be the hardest.

Ahhh the first rule of project management:

The first half of a project will take 90% of the allotted time
...and the second half will take the other 90%.


The effort is much appreciated regardless of timeline.
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