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hey everyone, okay maybe I have a brain fade today, but our site sells exercise for instance, Benches... we sell several different types...some have lat pulls some are flat benches,

when you search on "lat" both benches come up because the word "lat" is included in the word "flat"......does this make sense?

you can search on the word "ench" and all the "benches" come up because the word "bench" is in the keywords...

anyway to get around this? I need to search by keyword, but the whole keyword, not a portion of a word listed in the keywords....

like I said, maybe I lost too much gray matter in my youth...

any tips would be great...

Judy in so cal
Are you refering to an internal site search or a search engine search?
an internal on my site (that is still a work in progress)

I have a ton of product I have to add, so I want to make sure I get the keywords right, etc...
Your internal search feature is fully customizable:

From your admin Panel: Site Information > Search Settings

From there you can choose what a product search will look in (keywords, description, part number etc.)

I have mine set to look in product name and product short description.

Hope this helps! biggrin.gif
actually, I want the search to look at the keywords and the short description, but the whole word, not letters included in the word....

even if I ONLY search in the short description field (i have only the word "bench" in this field for one of my products to test this)

if you enter "ench" in the search box, it returns that product....(the one with the short decription of "bench")

this is a problem to me because my customers will want to seach for

"lat" and will get product returns with the workd "flat"

is there another way around this ?

thanks so much for your help

Hello -

Right now the cart isn't able to do that when searching in the short description. You can specify 'Look only for exact matches' in the Search Settings when looking in the Part Number and MFG Part Number, but not the short description.

That's a great suggestion for a new feature, though. I can absolutely see how it would be useful to customize exactly what is looked for in the other searchable fields as well. Thanks for the feedback!!! thumbsup.gif
Same problem here. Added plant hardiness zones to keywords. Zone1, Zone2, Zone3, etc...

Of course Zone1 pulls up Zone11 plants as well.

Of course Zone1 pulls up Zone11 plants as well.

lol...if it isn't one thing its another! wacko.gif
lol...if it isn't one thing its another!

Sometimes I'd be better off leaving things alone...LOL. Seems like its always one step forward and two steps back, but its all fun...isn't it?

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