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Full Version: Advanced Variants And Price Levels
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I have 2 price levels: One which is Dealers (password protected) and one that everyone can see (retail). My question is when I use advanced variants is the only way to make the different prices by surcharges? For example, I have some cables that come in different lengths (1m, 2m, 3m) and the difference in price from 1 to 2m, 2m to 3m etc. for dealers is not the same amount increase as for retail ie:

1m- $2 Dealer, $5 retail
2m- $4 Dealer, $9 Retail ($2 change Dealer but $4 change retail)

Is there any way to have the variant prices change for one price level and then to different amounts for the other price level? Hope this makes sense to someone else besides me. blinking.gif

Just curious if anyone has this issue and what they did. Still on V4 right now but will be switching to V7 soon cry.gif

Thank you, sorry if this is confusing!

Hi Michele,
I use price levels for the same purpose, and this can't be done with advanced variants as far as I can tell. I ended up wiping out all of my variants and just created individual products for each because it was impossible to get the pricing right.

Sorry worry.gif
Thanks, thats what I do now but was just wondering if maybe someone figured something else out. Thanks for the reply!
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