Hey all, im a developer for albes bmx and am becoming frustrated with some of the limitations (and would greatly appreciate some help)...

In a nutshell, I need to find some way to dynamically grab product variant image links (based on asp ProdID or some other method) in order to generate thumbnails next to my "large product image."

I've called tech support and they told me that "Visa won't let us let you have access to .asp files on your server." You can imagine my surprise when (after purchasing a windows based server) I'm told that I'm not allowed to use any asp scripting (short of the provided "function calls").

Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate any help you guys have to offer.

To make myself clear: I dont need help scripting the actual thumbnail code, only finding a way to grab the variant image links (without asp of course). The closest I came was with the "lngProductID" variable (which ended up being a dead end for me)

Thanks again,

Kyle Smith

586 260 3546