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Full Version: How Do I Sell A Product Group
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I've never touched product groups until today, when I finally have a situation where I thought groups would save the day, but I must be missing something.

I created a product group, added all of the products I wanted, saved it.

Now I pull up that group in the cart, and there's no way to purchase it as a group - it just shows the individual items in the group. Seems to be working exactly as a category, which is no help.

I need a group that can be purchased with one click, and that will remove each of the individual items from inventory. Is this not the definition of a group?

Ok I think I sorta got it. I added a product which includes the group, but have I done this right? I went through the manual and searched the forums and there doesn't seem to be much written on this. I need to be sure it's pulling the inventory. Thanks again for any insight.
Testing now... I added a few of the groups to my shopping cart (but did not check out) - I thought that once someone put an item in their basket it was removed from inventory, but I see that's not the case. Can anyone confirm that groups pull the individual items from inventory?
OK I checked all the way out and it didn't affect inventory. Inventory of the individual items are not affected when you build the groups, or when someone purchases a group. Or at least not the way I set it up. Am I missing something?
OK either I am doing something wrong, or groups works exactly like a category and is therefore pointless.

Has anyone been able to group items together so they can easily be purchased as a group, but the inventory comes out of each individual item? There's been lots of views on this so I assume others are looking for info on groups as well.
I feel like I'm talking to myself, but I'm still hoping someone will jump in who has already been down this road...

After submitting a help ticket, I finally was told that I need is a PACKAGE, not a GROUP. Ok so I search the manual for package and come up empty. Found it in the product editor and started playing with it. At first it DID look like "package" would do the trick - I saw options to "add weights of all products" and "add product price" or "add/subtract surcharge" - YEAH THIS LOOKS LIKE IT!!

Nope. After adding all the items (and finding out that it won't let you add the same item twice but I figured I could get around that later), I saved everything, then checked inventory on all the items, then purchased the package and checked inventory again.

"package" appears to be more like a product options. It listed all of the items in a drop-down, and would only let me choose one, and that one item was the only one that inventory counts were updated for.

I don't understand why this is so hard. Packages or kits are VERY common in retail - how is everyone handling this? I know I could just create a new product for the kit, list the contents, and plug in the price, but every time I sell one of these I would need to manually update inventory, plus every time the price of any of the included items changes, I would have to remember to also update any products I've created that contain them. Are there any order management programs out there that works with MonsterCart that will help me with this problem?
To do what I understand you are trying to do would require the package feature. When you set up a package and purchase one, inventory will be subtracted from each item after checkout is complete.

However, you should be notified ahead of time that packages are not a supported feature in version 7. I highly recommend you use Advanced Variations to accomplish what you are trying to do as these are migrated to v7 as Variations and you can track separate inventory with each combination of options.

I hope this helps.
James - Thanks for the warning. I didn't know that packages were not going to be included in V7.

I'll look into Advanced Variants. Thanks again!!
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