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Full Version: Force Local Pickup To Charge Local Tax Rate
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I set up a custom shipping method for Local Pickup and it works great EXCEPT the cart charges sales tax based on the customers "ship to" address (as it should) but I have a unique situation and I'm hoping someone can help with ideas on how to handle it.

I only charge sales tax in Texas, but we have customers who come from other states for training, and they will place an order before they leave home so they can pick it up while here. I should be charging sales tax on these orders, as the sale occurred in Texas, but the customers shipping address may be OK or AZ or whatever, and the cart doesn't charge them sales tax. Has anyone else already worked out a solution for this or have any ideas I might try?

Thanks in advance!
Hey there Katt, I was just looking at your question and as long as they ordered it and paid for it online, it is still considered a online order out of state. The shipping method doesn't matter. At least that is what our CPA told us for Ohio, but than 95% of our customers are tax exempt already.

However if they didn't pay for it online, than they would have to pay local taxes. If there isn't any other way, you could just create rules saying that if its between $0-$50 charge $3.50 and so on. You could just call that a "Sales Tax & Processing Fee" and pocket whatever is extra.
Thank you! I just spoke to our accountant about your post and she agreed, so I think we're good! happy.gif
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