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Full Version: How To Call Just The Review Rating?
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I would like to position in my product details html just the review rating if it exists and if there is no rating a "be the first to review". I want the entire review table to located at the bottom of my product page. Is there a way to do this?

If yes, any help would be appreciated.
AndyT - MC
Try this for the rating:

  <ns:when condition="Product.HasRatings">
    <div class="prod-detail-rating">
      <ns:ProductRating />
      <a href="/product-reviews-add.aspx?product=<%Product.Id%>">Be the first to review this product!</a>

The review table will only display the most recent 5 reviews with a link to view all on another page, mainly for performance reasons. You can put it on your page with this call:

<ns:ProductReviews />
Will this script work on MC4? It looks like the MC 7 script.
AndyT - MC
Whoops, sorry, I didn't notice this was out of the Beta forums ... 7.x only.
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