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Full Version: How To Transfer Form Info To Next Page
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I have signed up for a newsletter that only asked for my email address. After entering my address into the field then submitting, I was taken to a longer form but the email field was already filled in from the simple form they had on their homepage.

If you look on my sites footer you will see a mail form. Submitted info goes to the MC newsletter manager. I have a new mail system and sign-up form on a custom page. Is there any way to have the email address transfer over to the email field of the new form after a use clicks SUBMIT? that way they will be taken to the detailed form to actually complete the sign up
AndyT - MC
You could probably accomplish this with javascript by sending the email they enter to the contact form page through the querystring (i.e. contact-us.aspx?, then reading that on the contact form page and putting it in the textbox when the page loads.

I don't know how comfortable you are with javascript, but this wouldn't be all that difficult really. Here is a bit of javascript for reading values from a page, it seems like a good start.
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