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Full Version: Shipping International Orders As A Gift
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Seems like more and more my international customers are asking me to ship their packages as Gifts in order to avoid paying the customs fees. I haven't done this since I'm concerned about the package getting lost and having to collect the insurance amount. Not to mention I'm afraid I'd get "caught" by the customs police and thrown into some dirty little cell in some far off country.

I'm curious what everyone else does?
No way would that be a good idea!

We get asked all the time and its sorry you will need to pay duties, taxes and the package WILL have an invoice
showing the correct $$ amt.

We even have posted this " Your package will include an invoice for items purchased, Please do not ask us to mark as a gift or lowered price, Forging a lowered invoice price is against the US Law, So don't even ask!" on our International Policies

And you never know who you are selling to by the way on the other end? Unless the dirty cell far off sounds like an
adventure vacation happy.gif
I agree. Do not take any chances and mark items as gifts. We get asked and we say no. It is fraud. End of story.
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