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Full Version: Affiliate Question...i Think....
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I have been working with several TCF (The Compassionate Friends) organizations and I would like to set up a way that their members could order from my site and a portion of the proceeds of each order would be donated back to TCF.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to make this happen? I mean, I have Google analytics and I can see referring sites. But is there a simple way to do this without officially joining some kind of affiliate network? Or if I joined an affiliate program, can anyone recommend a basic, user friendly one?

The only basic thing I can think of without using an affiliate program is to create some kind of a code that they can enter upon checkout and we would then know to donate a portion of that order to the chapter.

Or if affiliate programs aren't difficult, can anyone recommend one?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I think in v7 you can set an affiliate ID tag. This would allow you to track the source of the sale. Not sure if you can search sales by affilate though.. Maybe someone in Admin can help.
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