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Full Version: One Time % Discount Code
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How do I give a particular customer a one-time 10% off discount on anything in my store? I want them to only be able to use it once, then have it expire.

If I go to Inventory >> Discount manager and add a new discount code, will that code expire when used once? Or if the customer gives the code to everyone they know will everyone be able to use it?
Here's what I'm thinking. Altho' your best bet is to ask Support.

Try setting up a discount code. I'd set a time limit on it. Use the "can be used as a link" to activate. Then email him the discount link - make it a specific URL, as in
CODE<Click this link to get your discount>".
Then watch for it to come thru. Deactivate the code as soon as it's been used/processed. That should keep whomever from freely distributing the code.

I think Ken has the idea and dont know of any other easy to do this.
Again maybe tech has some other idea?



The problem with this solution, I would think, is that if your customer gives the code out, and everybody uses it at the same time, it could have been used many imes before you catch it. What I have been doing for my customers is giving them a gift certificate code. It wouldn't be for a percentage like you want, it would have to be for a dollar amount, but it can only be used once. That might be something you could look into.

Hope This helps!

In my scenario you aren't really distributing a code. You give the customer a link which has a cookie attached that gives him the % discount when he accesses the site thru the link. I'm going to make a BIG leap here and give the customer the benefit of the doubt. If Bama is giving this guy a discount, there must be a reason - friend, loyal customer, etc. I wouldn't think the customer would want to loose the special discount he's receiving just to give his friends a one time shot at it.

We run several discount options concurrently throughout the year. We get lots of people that don't qualify for them trying to use them. One of the biggies is free shipping on certain boots. If the people enter the code (easily found on the site) and they don't qualify, we hold the package and inform them they owe shipping. It's part of doing business. My $0.02 worth.
There some issues with codes with the recent migration but everything has been fixed with the last update. Is there any info on making automatic free shipping over $250?
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