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Forum Rules/Regulations

We strive to maintain the community forum as a credible resource for online merchants with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. This guide explains how we work to accomplish this goal, by explaining the rules/regulations of the MC Forums.


  • Moderation - The MonsterCommerce forums are moderated by MonsterCommerce team members and selected MonsterCommerce Merchants.

  • Posts - Posts must be constructive and on topic. Moderators may delete posts that do not meet the Acceptable Use Policy . Moderators reserve the right to remove any topics deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the community.

  • Etiquette - Moderators are not instructed to censor opinions or ideas but will take action against posts and/or topics that cause unrest beyond civil and polite disagreements. Members may not post personal attacks towards Merchants or MC team members.

  • Official MC Support - MonsterCommerce requires all technical support questions be directed through the proper support channels - trouble ticket or phone support . Please do not send a private message or email to MonsterCommerce team members requesting technical help. For more information, view online support – http://www.monstercommerce.com/support_index.asp.

  • Commercial Posts - Members may not advertise or promote companies that compete with MonsterCommerce and/or MC's family of services.

  • Issues - If you have an issue concerning MonsterCommerce services, policies, moderators or team, please private message, phone or email. All moderators, administrators and support staff are highlighted in the active members list.

The Golden Rules

This forum is made publicly available for the community in order to provide a valuable resource for MonsterCommerce enthusiasts
located all over the world. In order to keep this forum a valuable resource, we require all forum members to abide by the rules.

Violation of any of these rules will result in consequences determined on a case-by-case basis.

• Profanity and discriminatory remarks are not tolerated.

• Inflammatory remarks, intended to hurt or offend a member and/or moderator, are not tolerated.

• Spamming, public or private, will result in a user ban.

• Pornography, warez and illegal content may not be linked from this forum.

• Signatures must be limited to two lines. Failing to comply with these guidelines will result in the removal of the signature.

• Postings must be placed in the appropriate forum channel and contain a descriptive subject line. Postings placed in inappropriate forum channels will be considered off-topic and either moved or deleted. Nondescriptive titles and descriptions will be renamed.

• Linked and locked topics are pruned regularly. If you have a question about where a topic resides, please PM a Moderator before starting a new topic asking where it went or posting a duplicate thread of the original topic. Moderators are happy to provide a link to thread locations as well as explain the reasoning behind why a thread is locked and/or removed.

• If you are linking to external content, you should link directly to that content. It is unacceptable to use link-thru systems to mask the originating URL.

• Cross-posting (posting the same content in multiple channels) is not tolerated. All duplicate posts will be deleted.

• Post bumping is not permitted.

• Sensitive topics such as account information and security issues are not to be discussed in the forum. Topics that could compromise sensitive information or serve to potentially harm MonsterCommerce and/or MonsterCommerce Merchants will be deleted.

• If a thread is deleted by a moderator and the offending user attempts to re-post a similar thread, it is possible that the user will lose “member” privileges.

• The forum is not an acceptable channel to report software bugs. If you find a reproducible bug in your storefront, please submit a “bug report” from your admin panel.

• User profiles, including signatures with inappropriate content, will be modified without notification.

• Abusive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in the ban of the involved accounts. If you have experienced abusive behavior from a community member, please inform a Forum Moderator .

• If you feel a forum moderator is abusing forum rules or behaving unethically, please contact Captain via PM.

• Official MonsterCommerce support is not offered through the forums and should not be used to flag MC team members. If you require official support from a MonsterCommerce team member, please call technical support 24/7 at 800-353-6582 or submit an trouble ticket. You have two ways to get to the ticketing system:

• Through your admin panel.

• Through MyMonsterCommcere.com.

• The forum is not the proper channel to report emergency issues such as sites down. For emergency issues always call support directly 800-353-6582 or file a ticket with the term “Site Down” in the subject line. For more technical documentation please visit our knowledgebase, located at http://kb.monstercommerce.com

Thank you for visiting MonsterCommerce Forums. We hope you enjoy your stay.

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to these rules, please contact the forum moderator team or the project team members.


Searching For Answers

Before posting a problem you are experiencing, please search the forums for related postings which may help you further.

If the problem you are experiencing is reproduceable with a stock/default MonsterCommerce installation, please submit a bug report at the ticketing system on the MonsterCommerce support site.


MonsterCommerce documentation is also available, but is currently a work in progress. The MonsterCommerce documentation site can be reached at:


User Profiles

Community Awareness

Each community member has a profile which can be accessed via the "My Controls" link in the header.

It is appreciated if all information can be entered truthfully, to be able to present ones self to the community in a better manner.


To keep user profiles consistent, links to external sites must be presented via the WWW button.

Links to internal MonsterCommerce pages are allowed to be entered in profile signatures

Profiles, including signatures, with innappropriate content may be modified without prior notification.


The site and forum moderators reserve the right to modify or delete any inappropriate content on the forums without prior notification.

The forum moderators: http://forums.monstersmallbusiness.com/index.php?act=Stats&CODE=leaders

The MonsterCommerce team members: http://www.monstercommerce.com/meet_the_team.asp

The MonsterCommerce support site: http://tickets.monstercommerce.com

The MonsterCommerce online documentation: http://kb.monstercommerce.com

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